Magic & Musing's favourite genres - memoir, graphic novel and comics, young adult, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction

The overwhelming majority of books you see on Magic & Musings, whether in reviews or TBRs, are from my own collection but occasionally I will post about books I have received from publishers via NetGalley, Bookbridgr, or directly from their publicity department. Any of these books will be marked with an asterisk (*) to indicate this and whether a book has been provided for me or not, I will always post an honest review.

The genres I read and enjoy the most are the following:

 - Graphic novels and comic books
 - Science and speculative fiction
 - Fantasy
 - Utopian and dystopian
 - Feminist literature and theory
 - Young Adult
 - Old-school mysteries
 - General mainstream fiction
 - Historical fiction
 - Scientific and historical non-fiction
 - Mythology
 - Self-help

I also post all of my reviews on my Goodreads page once they are live on my blog.

Please contact me at meganmagicmusings@gmail.com if you have any further queries regarding my review policies.