Magic & Musings has a new home!

4:44 pm

Hello, friends! Long time, no speak. How many of my posts have started with that?

I've popped by briefly to say that Magic & Musings has a new home over on Instagram: @magicandmusingsbooks. I'll be chatting about books that I'm currently reading, book covers that I adore, and anything else literary that comes to mind. I find having a conversation with people about books is a lot easier on Instagram rather than a blogging platform these days - I don't think blog comments ever fully worked properly. So pop over for a chat if you're interested!

And, if you're an eco-lover like me, you'll also find me over at Sustainable Snippets, my newer website about plastic-free swaps, DIY beauty recipes, and more.

I hope you're all happy and well, and hopefully we'll speak again soon.