Hey, Mr Postman

9:00 am

Everyone loves a good post day, and here are two parcels I've been really excited about lately. The first is from Legend Press, sending me a proof copy of Liam Brown's new release, Broadcast. Quoted to be 'a Truman-like nightmare for the Youtube generation', this centres around David, who uses a chip called MindCast to stream all of his thoughts and feelings online, 24/7. When it all becomes too much and he tries to get the chip removed...well...the story begins! I think (I hope!) this is going to be an exciting satire on vlogging and oversharing online à la Black Mirror, but I'll be sure to update you closer to the release date once I've given it a read.

The second parcel is from Pioneers Press, a small press in Kansas who specialise in zines and chapbooks. They've very kindly sent me over Adam Gnade's The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad and Rachel Bell's Loving the Ocean Won't Stop It from Killing You. The latter is a story of recovery, centering around Marina who is travelling across the country to escape her husband. The former is a pep-talk-of-sorts on anxiety and depression, formed of short snippets of lists, anecdotes, and essays.

My thoughts will follow!

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