Spotlight on... Edgcumbes Tea Blenders!*

9:00 am

*Thank you to Edgcumbes for sending me some samples of their blends that they thought I would enjoy. All opinions are my own!*

When this parcel first arrived, it took less than an hour for me to brew a pot of Strawberry & Kiwi, and three days for the entire packet to be empty. It's safe to say I'm a fan of Edgcumbes Tea Blenders!

You might have heard of this company before if you received a teatourist box in May (the one month so far I haven't posted a review about!), as their Blend No. 45 was featured, which actually won a Great Taste award in 2016). Last month they sent me through three of their blends to try that they thought would be up my street based on the flavours I usually like. I received an oolong, a herbal brew, and a fruity one.

As I've already mentioned, the fruity Strawberry & Kiwi was an absolute winner, and I can tell this would be especially wonderful in the winter. It was sweet without being overpowering, and contains a selection of dried fruits in the blend. It's a really chunky loose tea, which I love because you can actually see the ingredients that go into it. I'd recommend leaving this to brew for 10 minutes at a minimum as it can take a while for whole fruits to release their flavours fully. Chuck some ice over this in the summer and you have the perfected iced tea. Definitely the best of the bunch, here. (Also contains hibiscus, so you know I'm going to love it.)

Next up is their Camomile with Fennel and Rose Petals blend. I'm not a huge fan of camomile tea, but this one took me by surprise. I think it would be perfect to have before bed as it has a simple and soothing flavour. The mention of fennel put me off at first, but it's a very subtle aniseed flavour that compliments this simple blend.

Finally I tried their Milk Oolong, a relatively new blend in the world of Taiwanese teas, apparently! Because of the way they're processed (and the fact they're semi-fermented), oolongs usually have a more intense taste than your usual green tea. They're definitely one of my favourite types of tea. Without the addition of any other flavours, this oolong contains hints of strawberry milk (!), lending itself to a creamy, buttery taste.


You can find out more about Edgcumbes, their teas, and their coffees (!) on their website. I'd definitely recommend their Strawberry & Kiwi if you're a fan of fruity teas. They also stock teaware and ways to brew in their store if you're in the market for something to make your tea with, look no further.

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