What have I been up to?

12:00 pm


I would make a joke and say something like 'the question should be what haven't I been up to ha ha ha ha ha', but I really haven't been up to much.

Summer sunshine overseas actually touched my skin after I jetted off to Mallorca after six(!) years without a toasty holiday in a foreign clime. It was what can only be dubbed as the best holiday I've been on, with iced tea on tap, lots of poolside reading (and napping) time, and terribly cheesy hotel entertainment (Best of Broadway night happened TWICE and we very sadly missed the magician). We didn't win any of the bingo, I got my first ever suntan at the ripe old age of twenty-four (still present three weeks later, very smug to not be the pasty one for once), and I'm now itching to get back on a plane. An aside: A whole lot of reading happened on holiday, and I'm definitely out of my slump. Many, many reviews to follow! It's been heavily contemporary science fiction, and now I can't get enough of the stuff.

I've started going climbing with my friend Emily, whenever I've got the time, and I've fallen in love with it already. Alongside swimming and weight training, I'm feeling pretty buff! I understand how you can love and enjoy exercise when you find the right activities for you, and it's a pretty great feeling.

Cinema-wise, there are three films I've seen recently: Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Baby Driver. Long story short: Wonder Woman made me cry with joy and I need more films like that in my life (I also felt SO kickass walking out of that cinema and want to take up some sort of martial art), Spider-Man: Homecoming was the truest live-action adaptation of Spider-Man that's been made so far, and the best part of Baby Driver was the spectacular score (the story itself was a bit underwhelming).

By the time this goes up, I will have been on another (mini-) holiday to the Cotswolds for the wedding of a friend of my boyfriend. I shall be wearing a dark coral and sipping on non-alcoholic bevvies (I've had three drinks in 2017 and am considering going tee-total, but that's a whole other thing) as I dance the night away.

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