teatourist June Subscription Box*

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Another month, another fan-tea-stic (tried a bit too hard with that one) delivery.

I've been in a bit of a tea frenzy recently. My boyfriend and I went through three varieties whilst marathoning a few hours of Lost the other evening, which is a nice way to negate the stress of being trapped on an island by sipping on some herbal brews. But whenever I worry my tea collection is getting a little thin around the edges, there's always a beautiful new teatourist package winging its way to me. 

The theme of this month's box is 'Cool & Quirky', including some interesting and sometimes eyebrow-raising flavours. Let us delve...

Rhubarb and Vanilla from Hoogly Tea - This one is absolutely superb as I'm partial to any tea with rhubarb, hibiscus (this one has both!), or red berries in. There's a tartness to it, that's topped off at the end with the sweetness of the vanilla. I think this could be both a good morning and evening tea, which is always a bonus. You'll hear a little more about Hoogly Tea from me in the future, so stay tuned...

Assam Tea with Vanilla from Pure Leaf - Madagascan vanilla and marigold petals, blended with Assam leaves gives you this strong black tea, perfect for a morning kick-up-the-butt. They even recommend you serve it with chocolate...what's not to love?

Earl Grey Blue Rose from Rutland Tea Company - This is another black tea, mixed with pieces of pineapple and grape, and finished off with pretty rose petals and cornflowers. This tiny company produce wonderful loose leaf teas of the finest quality and aim to introduce their customers to new and interesting blends.

Time for Bliss from Caley's Apothecary - This is a really special one, combining so many natural, floral flavours to create a sweet and spicy combination. It contains lemon verbena, passion flower, lime flowers, rose petals, and wonderful crushed cinnamon. Try this one if you need something calming, and uplifting, maybe for a lunchtime meditation. They also recommend trying this one over ice.

Flexibilitea from T-tox - Another lemon verbena and flower tea, but this time with a base of nettles. I'm a big fan of nettle tea, this one with a very mild taste. T-tox claim this is good for relaxing and easing muscle pains, and there's only one way to find out of this is true...pop the kettle on!

Mint Chocolate from Cheshire Tea - Now, I love a rooibos, and I especially love this rooibos that's blended with peppermint and pieces of cacao beans. If you want a tea that could pass as your post-dinner dessert, this is the ethically-sourced tea for you.


If you've somehow missed my previous teatourist posts and don't know what this wonderful service is, please read on...

Teatourist is a fantastic way to discover new teas from specialist companies all across the country that you may not have otherwise heard of. In each monthly box, teatourist select one of their bestselling teas and pops it in the box for us lucky folk to try. Every month will treat you to different teas from different companies. As you can see in March I received a few redbush teas, which I didn't have the previous month, so it's a wonderful way to discover new tastes. Each sample gives you about four cups, so that's a whole lotta tea-love to share. 

You can choose between a rolling subscription (£15), fixed 3 or 6 month ones (£40/72), or purchase a one-off if you just want to give it a try (£15). Easy squeezy. Free delivery and usually ship around the 20th of each month, but if you're ordering a one-off you'll get it within three working days.

Each tea comes with a mini profile telling you where it's from, what it tastes like, how much you need, and how to brew it. You can really tell these people care about their tea being made properly!

You can find teatourist on their websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram, or follow along with their official hashtag #beateatourist

Don't forget to use the code MAGIC30 at checkout to get 30% off your order!

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