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* This post was kindly sponsored by the lovely folks at Hoogly Tea! All opinions are, as always, my own. *

Surely you've all heard of 'hygge' by now? There's books about it, blogs dedicated to it, and furniture companies trying hard to forge their own version of it. In short, it's a sort of cosiness and comfort that promotes wellbeing and that sense of home, derived from aspects of Danish culture. It involves soft blankets and pillows, warm roaring fires, hot drinks with friends, maybe some board games, and calming music. It's very natural-feeling, with wood features, warm glowing lights, and that cosiness that only autumn and winter can bring.

Hoogly Tea ('hoogly' being the pronunciation of the Danish word 'hyggelig', the adjective for 'hygge') is a brand that's inspired by the 'hygge' lifestyle and feeling, aiming to bring comfort, warmth, and that feeling of happiness and contentment all year round. Its founder, Tina, is from Denmark, and now runs Hoogly out of Brighton, creating exciting blends using luxury natural ingredients. I've been lucky enough to try some of their signature blends, as you all know I adore tea, and I thought I would show you all how to bring a little bit of 'hygge' into your day-to-day with these marvelous blends...


Sunday - On Sunday I didn't have any solid plans except my driving lesson, which means I need to be ready to hop into that car at 9am (on a Sunday!!!). My first tea pick was Apple Strudel, which by the name alone creates a feeling of wintery warmth, even in the height of July. This blend wasn't too overpowering in the sweetness, as I was concerned about for a dessert-flavoured tea, and got me ready for the day. A good start!

Monday - First day of the work week, and I needed a bit of a pep, so I reached for Chill Out Mint. I'm a huge mint tea fan, so I'm always excited to try out a new one. This one was a great combination of both peppermint and spearmint, with eucalyptus and pine needles. The steam from this one felt like it was opening up my sinuses and got me breathing clearly before I even had a sip! It was nice to try a mint tea that wasn't just peppermint or your regular garden mint leaves. A definite winner.

Tuesday - I had Tuesday off of work and spent a lot of the day tip-tapping on my computer. I thought I would give Baked Apple Chai a go, which tasted like a revved-up, smokey version of Apple Strudel. Chai is one of my favourite teas, and this one didn't let me down as there wasn't the overpowering sweetness you usually get with a coffee shop Chai.

Wednesday - English Breakfast tea is always a winner for me. Hoogly's blend masquerades as your regular black tea, but surprises you with a little smokey kick at the end. This was my first double tea test day as I cracked into the big box of Rhubarb and Vanilla, also known as my now go-to herbal tea. This one is an absolute gamechanger (which I had previously tried in loose-leaf form in one of my teatourist boxes), and at the time I'm writing I've nearly finished the whole box. It's sweet, but has the subtle tartness of rhubarb and hibiscus which you can amp-up if you brew it for longer. It's so so very good and would be my #1 recommendation from Hoogly.

Thursday - More Rhubarb and Vanilla, obviously. In the morning I tried Jasmine Dawn, a soft and inoffensive green tea blend made from Chinese jasmine green tea, rose petals, and cumin seeds! I think this is a good morning go-to as it is quite a delicate wake-up, rather than a kick up the behind like you get from a coffee. In the evening I went for the Vanilla Chai. There's something about the Chai spice blend that can't help but be 'hygge':  ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves. I can smell Christmas on the horizon. Another lovely blend that doesn't depend on a sweetness or a sugary kick because the natural flavours alone do the job of creating a strong and memorable taste.

Sunday - Thanks to a busy end-of-the-week, I didn't get to try and more blends (except ploughing through those Rhubarb and Vanillas) until Sunday, when I had managed to get ill. For a comforting treat, I reached for the Marzipan tea, which smells exactly like you'd expect. Hoogly have managed to perfectly capture that marzipan flavour, and the tea itself looks absolutely gorgeous. You can see all the wonderful ingredients that go into each blend through their fine-mesh teabags, some scattered with dried fruits, and others with actual flowers.

Monday - A new week, a new blend. Lemon & Ginger is a bright yellow blend when brewed, and exactly what you need to wake up your brain on a groggy morning. The smell of lemongrass actually filled my room which this one, and I immediately felt reinvigorated. To finish off my 'hygge' tea journey, I enjoyed a mid-morning Green Tea. It was simple, and exactly what I come to expect from a green tea...relaxing. I was back in the zone.


Hoogly Tea blends range between £4-5 for a box of fifteen teabags, or you can mix and match four Teapods (each containing five bags) for £8, which is a great way to decide which ones are your favourites. My recommendations to start with would be (obviously) Rhubarb & Vanilla, Chill Out Mint, and Vanilla Chai. They also sell a lot of their blends as loose-leaf packs, if that's more your style. There are so many other great flavours in their range I'm eager to try (Around the Fire and Spiced Orange!) , so it looks like I'll be placing my own order very, very soon...


You can learn more about Hoogly Tea via their website, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

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