A bargain haul and brief skincare excursion: I'm Real Korean Sheet Masks

12:00 pm

Everyone and their dog is talking about sheet masks and Korean skincare at the moment. Sheet masks are simultaneously hilarious and terrifying, transforming you into something out of Total Recall/Halloween/another film with some kind of mask or weird face transformation. 


I've tried a sheet mask before after receiving one in a Blurt Foundation box a few moons ago. It was Coconut Water-based and pretty much the best thing I've used skincare-wise, except maybe the Pai Rosehip Oil. That stuff is liquid gold. If you're unfamiliar, it's like your regular face mask, but the product is smeared onto a fibrous sheet that sits on your face and is cut-out like some terrifying demon. Because the sheet is saturated in product, you supposedly get to experience more of the effects, plus it's fun because you can scare your friends. There are even some brands that make them with designs on so you can look like a dog. We've reached peak 2017 here.

I picked up a selection of 11 TONYMOLY masks off of Amazon for about £11 (even though I swear the pack said 10) because I was eager to try a couple of formulas, but wasn't sure which to pick. A few of them do different things, like pore-tightening and hydrating, but the majority of them promise more radiant skin. I think I'm most intrigued by the seaweed mask because to me that always screams CLAY MASK rather than anything more watery, and whatever ones say they're going to get rid of my spots. Looking on their website, it appears they've released some more versions, this time a floral range, including cherry blossom and lotus, which I'm immediately sad I don't have. 

If you're in the UK you can buy the masks for £5 each (!!!) from Cult Beauty, which definitely isn't what I did nor is what I am going to do in the future if these masks turn out to be life-changing. Amazon seems to be a really good place to trial Korean skincare if you're interested but don't want to pay the premiums. Obviously I would like to always recommend getting them straight from the source but...we can't all afford that all of the time.

I'm now about to slap a red wine mask on my face and pretend I'm a suburban soccer mom.

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