The Intern Diaries #1 - The Introduction

12:00 pm

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You know when you complain that life is throwing you for a loop? Well, I've just made my own life throw me for a loop out of choice. Completely on purpose. Not accidental. Other definitions of silly decisions.

I've quit my lovely paying library job and I'm planning to undertake a year of internships and work experience to get me into the field I want to get in to...whatever that may be. Publishing? Editorial? Copywriting? That's sort of the point of the year too. To work out what I actually want to do.

Stepping back a bit, I haven't completely lost the plot. At least I had myself signed up for 1.5 internships before handing my notice in, the 0.5 being a sort-of-maybe-going-to-happen thing (that is actually now, at the time of writing, confirmed). I also figured that I'm in an okay situation to this when I'm still young and (not at all) sprightly, living at home, with a little bit saved up to keep me going (I totally didn't just book a holiday...). Setting myself the year duration too means I have an end point, so if things do get a bit tight, I can allow myself to worry a bit less knowing that it (hopefully) won't be permanent. 

I've got a two-week work experience placement lined up for late August at a publishing house, and a relatively open-ended internship at a small magazine by the Thames. The latter is an amazing opportunity that literally only came about because I sent the right person the right email at exactly the right moment in time.

(Turns out applying for internships is 90% sending out over 100 emails unsolicited to people you like asking if they want some help. And it does actually work.)

Now I've handed my notice in, I'm sad to be leaving the library. It's such a lovely bunch of like-minded people who don't take things too seriously but are highly ambitious. I'll be leaving a lot of friends behind, and a gorgeous city too.

So that's my life update, for now. It's all in the air, but I'm sure it'll be an adventure too.

Oh yeah, and I'll be writing a blog series about it. Welcome to the Intern Diaries.

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