Reviewing beautiful picture books

12:00 pm

Open Up, Please! by Silvia Borando and Lorenzo Clerici
This is a very short book, all about consequences and not following instructions. You can let the animals out of their cages, but don't open the big brown'll regret it. The art and colours in this are incredibly simple, but effective, and include flaps for the reader to let the animals free! I got far too invested in this one.

Origami Heart by Binny
The adorable story of a neat and tidy bunny named Kabuki, heartbroken by the desertion of his friend, the one he loved, as he throws his origami heart out of the window. I think my heart grew three sizes, honestly. The art in this is gorgeous, incredibly colourful, and so pleasing, as Binny shows all the small details of the rabbit's home and his groceries. I really want to look at more of her books and illustrations now!

Deep in the Woods by Christopher Corr
A gorgeously illustrated version of a folk tale, certainly my favourite art of this collection. It does feel very 'folk tale' in design, almost Russian with echoes of babushka dolls and bright floral patterns. The story is written in a playful and musical meter that I couldn't help but read aloud as I read it in bed. I absolutely adore this art and want to paper my walls with it.

The Big Adventure of a Little Line by Serge Bloch
A lovely short, hardcover story about creativity and art. Our protagonist, who I can only assume is Bloch himself, finds a little line one day, and spends the rest of his life experimenting with it. He makes people laugh, he makes people cry, he travels the world, he entertains children, he uses it for comfort when he's scared. This is a wonderful tale about how our creativity can change our life. Five stars, for sure.

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