teatourist April Subscription Box*

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* teatourist are such a lovely bunch and sent me another of their subscription boxes with no obligation to review, but you know me, I LOVE HOT DRINKS *

Hot diggidy damn, teatourist are at it again with the wonderful flavours and fantastic companies! Take a look at what they offered in their April subscription box...

Hibiscus Flowers by Tugboat Brews - Ding ding ding, we have a winner. This is by far and away the best tea I've had from a teatourist box, and can be had both hot and cold! Absolutely perfect for the summer, this brew of 100% hibiscus flowers is a gorgeous pink colour with a tingly berry flavour.

Peppermint Tea by Mais Ervas - We all know at this point that peppermint tea is my all-time favourite, so it's always a joy discovering a new one. This one from Maiservas is made from 100% peppermint leaves and really packs a punch. You can tell this is only made with the best-quality leaves as you can actually taste peppermint rather than just a minty flavour. Wonderful!

Chocolate & Ginger by Shibui Tea - How can you turn down anything that tastes like chocolate? This brew is made of ginger, cocoa husks, and liquorice root, producing a warming sensation and offering a sweet treat that doesn't contain sugar! I can imagine this going down well at a tea party or as a replacement for your evening hot chocolate.

Shades of Grey by MDTea - A flavoured black tea containing Sri Lankan tea leaves, orange peel, rose petals, and bergamot. This is a fun, floral take on the classic cuppa from a lovely curated tea company in Brighton. Also, look at how gorgeous their packaging is on  their website!

Thieves' Brew by Bev's Tea Company - This is a simple black tea from a plantation in Sri Lanka (the last making this kind of tea!) with 'notes of toffee and citrus'. This is certainly one to be enjoyed simply; not all tea needs to be fancy!

Pumpkins Go Bananas by Leaves of the World - I've passed this one on to my mum, so a review will follow!


Teatourist is a fantastic way to discover new teas from specialist companies all across the country that you may not have otherwise heard of. In each monthly box, teatourist select one of their bestselling teas and pops it in the box for us lucky folk to try. Every month will treat you to different teas from different companies. As you can see in March I received a few redbush teas, which I didn't have the previous month, so it's a wonderful way to discover new tastes. Each sample gives you about four cups, so that's a whole lotta tea-love to share. 

You can choose between a rolling subscription (£15), fixed 3 or 6 month ones (£40/72), or purchase a one-off if you just want to give it a try (£15). Easy squeezy. Free delivery and usually ship around the 20th of each month, but if you're ordering a one-off you'll get it within three working days.

Each tea comes with a mini profile telling you where it's from, what it tastes like, how much you need, and how to brew it. You can really tell these people care about their tea being made properly!

You can find teatourist on their websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram, or follow along with their official hashtag #beateatourist

Don't forget to use the code MAGIC30 at checkout to get 30% off your order!

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