teatourist March Subscription Box*

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* teatourist are such a lovely bunch and sent me another of their subscription boxes with no obligation to review, but you know me, I love to write about things I enjoy! *

Another month passes, and another selection of gorgeous teas pops through the letterbox...

Rose & Strawberry Red Bush from The Spice Kitchen - The first I tried, and an absolute dream. This is perfect for a little sweet kick, and very spring-like. Containing rooibos, thistle and rose petals, blackberry leaves, and strawberries, this is caffeine-free and a real treat for your sweet tooth. I left this to steep for a little longer than the prescribed three minutes and the flavour ended up having a lovely kick to it. I'll definitely be making another pot of this soon.

Turmeric Root Chai from The Chai Kai Tea Company - A fancy chai tea containing coconut flakes, calendula and sunflower petals, and turmeric has a floral, citrus taste to perk you up in the morning. I gave this to my mum to try as I'm not a huge fan of turmeric (and she is!); she says it's like drinking hot cross buns, which sounds like a positive review to me!

Mulled Apple Brandy from Nothing But Tea - A white tea complimented by bits of apple, cinnamon, and mullein flowers: how festive-sounding!

Wilderness Honeybush from Leopard Friendly - A caffeine-free 100% honeybush tea which helps to fund the Cape Leopard conservation in South Africa's Kouga Mountains. It's low in tannins so you can't overbrew it (magic words for me who always forgets there's tea brewing). I really enjoyed the unique flavour of this one, and it's a super dark orange colour!

Honey Lemon Morning Blend from Teagime - This is a detox rooibos tea, flavoured with lemongrass, bee pollen, elderflower, elderberry, and liquorice root. I like any sort of tea that's marketed to be had in the morning!

Chocolate Orange from Nelson & Norfolk Tea Company - I first tried this when I had a huge cold, so really wasn't a fan of the flavour thanks to my messed-up taste buds. What's not to love about black tea flavoured with cocoa nibs and orange blossom? I'll soon be trying this again, when my body decides to co-operate...

Lookie at all of this amazing tea! And want to know the best part? I've got a discount code for you all to use to get 30% off your first box when you start a 'month-to-month' subscription with teatourist (which can be cancelled or paused at any time!). If you want this discount, use the code MAGIC30 at checkout and you can discover some wonderful new teas, too.

If you missed my last post, or just want to know a little more about teatourist, here goes!

Teatourist is a fantastic way to discover new teas from specialist companies all across the country that you may not have otherwise heard of. In each monthly box, teatourist select one of their bestselling teas and pops it in the box for us lucky folk to try. Every month will treat you to different teas from different companies. As you can see in March I received a few redbush teas, which I didn't have the previous month, so it's a wonderful way to discover new tastes. Each sample gives you about four cups, so that's a whole lotta tea-love to share. 

You can choose between a rolling subscription (£15), fixed 3 or 6 month ones (£40/72), or purchase a one-off if you just want to give it a try (£15). Easy squeezy. Free delivery and usually ship around the 20th of each month, but if you're ordering a one-off you'll get it within three working days.

Each tea comes with a mini profile telling you where it's from, what it tastes like, how much you need, and how to brew it. You can really tell these people care about their tea being made properly!

You can find teatourist on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or follow along with their official hashtag #beateatourist

Don't forget to use the code MAGIC30 at checkout to get 30% off your order!

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