Some zines from Syncronise Witches press

12:00 pm

Call Me Your Girlfriend When We're Sixty - Alyssa Rorke & Laura Mar
This zine is a really quick read, but still very enjoyable, and I found myself totally unable to predict what was going to be on the next page. A variety of screencaps, poetry, and art greets anyone who opens this publication, set out in a way that reminded me of scrolling through a blog. Alyssa speaks about her sense of self, her own identity, as well as relationships and her interactions with those around her. It feels very personal, like looking through someone's phone or search history, and I can't help but feel that this is a prime example of why creating zines is so important.

The smallest of the bunch, but still very enjoyable. I would consider this another very personal zine, filled with short anecdotes and quotations of feminist theory. One of my favourite things that I find a theme in zines is political and social theory being used in conjunction to popular culture and media references. This zine is no exception. 

This is a chunky collaborative zine from over twenty contributors on their experiences surrounding Patti Smith, her music, her writing, and her general ethos. As a fan of her memoirs and a newcomer to her music, it was really lovely to read so many people talking about something they're clearly so passionate about. I also really enjoyed the combination of first-person accounts, poetry, comics, and mixed-media work, as well as the images from editor Cherry's personal collection. A lot of love went into this zine and it seeps from every page. Definitely something to pick up if you're a die hard Patti fan.

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