Megan's Giant Self-Care Master Post of Dreams

12:00 pm

Image Credit: @kronemberger

This is a typed-up version of the self-care bookmark folder on my computer. When I'm struggling, I go to this folder, so I guess this is something rather personal to share. Only one or two things have been removed purely because they don't make much sense out of the context of, well, me. These are the things that can be used straight away by anyone (unless you hate ukelele covers and Hamilton, if so, what are you doing here?) This is a work-in-progress so if it does help you, keep checking back as I'll be adding things whenever I stumble upon them myself. Bookmark my bookmarks.

Yes, there's a lot of Dodie Clark songs on here. They're soothing, okay?

'Cash Money' by Sav Brown and Tom Rosenthal
The Mighty Boosh radio series, episode three (JAZZ!)
'Moon Song' by Tessa Violet and Hazel Hayes
The opening of Hamilton at the Grammys (Tingles every time)
'Would You Be So Kind?' by Dodie
'Tourist' by Jon Cozart
'Wynken, Blynken & Nod' by Jack and Amanda Palmer
'Postcards from Italy' cover by SoSonia (The brass, the brass!)
'Dear Happy' by Dodie and Thomas Sanders
A homemade video for 'Dissolve Me' by Alt-J
'Come Together' cover by Dodie and Jon Cozart
'The Briefest of Glances' from Bob's Burgers
'Reach' cover from Dodie and Orla Gartland
Does this count as music? 'Peeno Noir' from Kimmy Schmidt

The Pep Talk Generator from Babe Vibes
Daily Affirmations from Louise Hay
DO WHAT YOU CAN'T by Casey Neistat (This works every single time when I can't bring myself to make anything)

2-, 5-, 10-, 20-, & 30-minute acts of self-love from Sarah Starrs
'You feel like shit' step-by-step self-care guide
20 morning self-love practices you can start tomorrow!

Other Videos
Vlune 25 from Adrian Bliss (Bit of a random choice. This whole series is incredible, but the ending in particular is very beautiful.)
This really stupid video of the Malek brothers that makes me laugh every single time
Better Reflections from SoSonia
Remember Runescape? (This literally won't make any sense to you unless you played Runescape but I couldn't miss this one out)
Every Mumford and Sons Song Basically
Low budget animal shelter commercial
How to write an Alt-J song
Recorder by Candlelight's 'cover' of the music from the Shire
When Tina learns to drive in Bob's Burgers
Soul Train dance broadcasts, especially this 'Love Train' one

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