Mason Weaver, the character I needed

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This post contains spoilers for Kong: Skull Island, so if you haven't seen it or just don't want to be spoiled, don't read on!

There's a moment where I, and probably a lot of other people, feared the worst. She is face on with Kong, alone. The pretty blonde and the monster. We all knows what happens next in Kong-lore. She's picked up, kidnapped, and carried off, to be saved later by the men in her life. But there's a brief pause in this film as the two characters face one another. The pause is a little longer than you would expect. It makes me think, I wonder if the filmmakers did this on purpose, to make us remember the story. To make us remember what usually happens. We anticipate it, the hand reaching out, grabbing her as she screams, but it never happens. Kong leaves, and there we have it. The female lead in a Kong movie, not the damsel, not the film star waiting for her hero, but Mason Weaver. An equal.

I know we're still only at that place where we have one or two 'token' females in the line-up for Hollywood movies (unless they're 'women's movies', but that's another post altogether) (also, yeah, there was only really one other woman in this film, a biologist played by Chinese actor Jing Tian, and she didn't have a lot of lines), but when they're treated like just another character, it really is comforting. You don't have to spend your film-going experience picking apart the jokes aimed towards female characters, the lingering shots on their bodies as the male characters look on, the way they're shoved towards the back when the real excitement of the plot happens. No. We're getting women on the front line, quite literally in the case of Weaver.

This is a bit of a half-post because I don't have much else to say. I just wanted to put that thought out there. The thought that we now live in a world where Mason Weaver exists on the screen. The more I become aware of these characters, the most I've seen that they've been there all along, and it's almost like we've gone through the darkness, to get back to the place we were before. Dr Ellie Sattler and Lex Murphy in Jurassic Park. Ellen Ripley in Alien. Where did we go wrong, and why has it taken us so long to get back?

P.S. I was going to go back to the cinema to see Kong again and take some more notes, but they stopped showing it after only a month. I'm disappointed, but maybe there'll be a follow-up post once it's released on home media. Plus I need to see that giant spider crush that man again. It was brutal.

P. P. S. How good was it to see a character that was a photographer and actually TOOK PHOTOS????? Unheard of.

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