teatourist February Subscription Box*

9:00 am

* Thank you to teatourist for sending me their February subscription box to try for free; all tea-ish opinions are of course brewed in my own noggin and served to you fresh *

Waking up in the morning to a package of tea coming through your letterbox is pretty damn dreamy, especially when you're trying to cut out the coffee. Even decaf doesn't seem to be sitting well with me these days. So, as we all expected, tea is the answer, as well as peace, but we're talking about tea today.

teatourist is a Derbyshire-based subscription service that sends six loose leaf teas to your door each month, chosen from fantastic companies around the UK, alongside detailed brewing instructions and tasting details. Each  box contains a variety of tea types, from potent black teas to a dreamy oolong, with each sample containing around four cups worth of heavenly goodness. Founded by Joss in March 2016 as a way to allow tea-drinkers to try fancy new brews without shoveling out money on whole packs they might not even like, teatourist tries to send out samples that you might not otherwise pick up. I know I'm not often one to stray from my usual breakfast tea in the mornings, and I have only a small selection of herbal teas that I stick by, so I'm completely sold on this idea.

The February teatourist box contains:

Blend No. 45 by Edgcumbes Tea Blenders - A punchy black tea that I brewed like I would my usual morning brew. A little soya milk and a tiny dash of sugar. This had an incredibly strong smokey smell before I even brewed it.

Cherry Sencha by Cheshire Tea - A relaxing green tea without the tang. I love the red berry hints of this one, and if you stick your nose in the packet it smells like cherryade. Thankfully that doesn't really carry over to the taste!

Brockley Breakfast by the Good & Proper Tea Co. - A vamped-up breakfast tea that I had with a splash of soya milk. Hints of oolong (in my opinion!) and very soothing. This is their first house blend and combines four different black teas: Assam, Kenya, Ceylon, and Darjeeling.

Black Tea & Dandelion by Oteas - A flavoured black detox tea with dandelion root, said to help aid digestion and weight loss.

Gunpowder Tea by the UK Loose Leaf Tea Company - A pleasantly bitter green tea that really woke up my taste buds! The craftsmanship that goes into gunpowder tea is absolutely phenomenal; each leaf is rolled into small balls once they have been withered and steamed and then they are dried.

Ben Shan Oolong by Tea in the City - A lovely smokey oolong ready to wake you up in the morning. I really, really liked this one and it's a teatourist exclusive! I think oolong is quickly becoming one of my favourite varie-teas.

teatourist one-off boxes start at £15, and rolling monthly subscriptions start at £12 including delivery. The package fits perfectly through your letterbox so there's no worries about having to be home for your tea-livery every month, and their website is crammed with five star reviews. To find out more about teatourist boxes, click here, and you can also follow the team on Twitter or Instagram

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