Girl's got herself a newsletter (and a Facebook page!)

2:37 pm

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This is a thing people do, right?

I've gone and made myself a newsletter.

Shaking off the feeling that this is incredibly self-absorbed and trying to embrace it as a way to share things I like and, more importantly I guess for this new 'freelance writer' thing I'm doing, a way to share things I've written in places other than this blog.

It's called 'meg fandango & the magical mystery tour', because why on earth not? You can sign up below. There's not much to worry about, cluttering-up-your-inbox wise as there's not really a schedule for it yet. I'm not going to be publishing posts across the web every single week, so this will pop into your internet tubes whenever it's necessary.

It would be nice if you signed up, so it's not just my one amazingly adorable friend from work who is reading my random typings (hi K!).

P.S. I also have a fancy new Facebook page where you can keep up to date with all of my new posts, if that's how you roll. Basically, there are lots of ways to legally stalk me now, so make the most of it before I decide this is a bad idea.

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