And so she bought vinyl...

10:00 am

Vinyl shopping may have become my new book shopping. When shopping in Brighton last weekend for my boyfriend's birthday, I thought, naturally, that the best memento would be a record. I'm not sure how much sense that makes but I do now have a copy of Pure Heroine by Lorde, one of my favourite albums. I bought this from Cult Hero for £20 and had to spend the rest of the day carrying it around. On the beach, across the pier, through the Sea Life Centre. Surprisingly it's still very shiny and new.

Spring forward to Monday afternoon and we're at Cambridge market, drawn in by a sign that says 'SALE £2 VINYL'. How could you not? Dancing on the Ceiling. The soundtrack to The Graduate. The best of Marvin Gaye. 'Take Me Home' by Phil Collins, the most addictive song of all time. Huey Lewis and the Mother-Freakin' News, 'Power of Love' from Back to the Ruddy Future!

You've never had a good morning until you've gotten up and immediately put 'Dancing on the Ceiling' on. I think my neighbours hate me for playing the extended mix of 'Power of Love' six times in a row at 8am. I'm saving the Simon & Garfunkel for when I really need to feel morose.

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