Welcome to Aloe...

12:00 pm

You know when you discover something wonderful on the internet and need to show it to every single person you know? Aloe is one of those things, or, a lot of those things. I'll let Amber, the creator of Aloe and a complete dream to follow on Twitter, give you a brief description. 

'Aloe is a self-care focused community within Femsplain. It's a newsletter, a blog, a Twitter bot, free resources and more importantly an ever evolving idea that in order to get through the next 4 years (and I guess life?) making yourself a priority must happen. It's a free resource and anyone can participate. The newsletter is powered by replies from people who subscribe, and the Twitter reminds you to drink water, eat, and more!'

And that's me all over, I don't know about you. Amber worked last year on the Hillary campaign as a member of the Digital Organizing team (I KNOW, HOW AMAZING), something she had never done before, but was described to her as similar to running a startup. Like hell, but also rewarding, Amber says. 

'It ended up being the most inspiring and challenging 4 months, and obviously didn't get the outcome e were all hoping for, but working 7 days a week I was able to learn a lot about myself and my self-care habits...Which is, they are really bad. So that was the inspiration behind Aloe.'

Aloe is very new at the moment, a tiny bud so far, only launching last week, but there's already plans for the future, including a more resourceful website, free printables (check-lists, colouring pages, what's not to love?), maybe an app, or some kind of product to buy.

'For now we're focused on getting people really excited about self-care and just getting a conversation started within #AloeChat.'

You can follow the adorable Aloe Bot here and sign up to the newsletter here. It's all very new and something to keep an eye on. Try out their self-care check-in here for a little teaser of what to look out for, and all posts by Aloe on Femsplain can be found here, covering various topics related to self-care. I'll keep you updated with Aloe news as it happens...

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