Things that are making me happy... #3

12:00 pm

Walks around RSPB nature reserves on a cool day, pretend wand (stick) in hand.

A hot thermos of veggie soup on the way to work.

Starting to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine from the beginning again and embracing my inner/outer Santiago. But I wish I was a Rosa.

My new watercolours. I'm now painting everything. Envelopes of letters I'm posting. Funny messages for the kitchen. Bookmarks. Don't even try and stop me.

The wonderful surprise meal my boyfriend made for me. Fairy lights, wine, a lot of me going 'oh my god this is adorable' and hiding my face because I hate surprises but he may have turned me.

The fact my friend Emily sent me an Always Sunny V-Day card with the once and future king Mac on it. She is my witch sister for life.

Finally, FINALLY, seeing Madeon live and surprisingly not crying. I was too distracted jumping around with my backpack bouncing on my stomach because I wore it backwards like a overly-concerned mother. The guy next to me spent the whole thing on his phone but I was too happy to even care. And I got to see some lovely friends from school again for the first time in way too many years.

Watching Bridesmaids for the first time and being surprised by the tone of it. I expected some all-out mainstream comedy. It was weirdly subdued and heartwarming. Kristen Wiig is a treasure.

The warm snuggly feeling of Jack Johnson songs.

Space. The final frontier.

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