The show must go on...

9:36 am

Photo by @alice_hampson
I could act all Han Solo about this and shrug it off as no big deal, but I won't: I didn't get offered a PhD place. Now I wish I didn't talk about it so much, because I had hope. But there's a plan in place (yes, I'm one to immediately get back in the game) and some steps to be taken:

1. Wallow, obviously. 

2. Get feedback. My 'rejection letter' was very vague and generic so I'm asking for feedback on my application. Depending on what the feedback says I'm going to either:

a) Apply again at the same institution next year after amending my proposal.
b) Take a little break and apply at a different institution - I already have a list of people to contact.
c) Take a longer break and head in a new direction altogether. Whatever I do, there's always scope to apply for a PhD in a few/a lot of years.

Dr Megan will just have to wait, for now.

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