Book Review: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

12:00 pm

We need you, Carrie. You're our only hope.

Naturally I started reading Carrie Fisher's memoirs in reverse order, although purely because this one arrived first. And now as I type that I realise the others I bought as ebooks because they were cheaper so really this arrived last. I have no justification for this reading order, but as far as I'm aware they're not really in chronological order, but actually deal with different aspects of her life. This one is very Star Wars heavy, with a large chunk of the writing dedicated to her relationship as a young woman with Harrison Ford during the filming of A New Hope.

Reading this made me even sadder that Carrie is no longer in the world of the living, buried in her Prozac urn and probably laughing at us from *somewhere*. Her voice was refreshing and utterly necessary in this world. She's sharp and honest and her humour comes across as just what she's like rather than any sort of device she's using. There is no judgement, only reflection.

I flew through this in less than a day, comforted by Carrie's voice, and motivated by her words. When I'm having one of those days where I feel sorry for myself for ridiculous reasons, I can just picture her dragging me up by the shoulder and pushing me forward. She'd say something poignant, probably inappropriate, and definitely fierce, but with love. 

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