Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes...

12:00 pm

Photo by @cant89

So, I've applied to do a PhD. That's new and unexpected.

I had wanted to do a PhD since I was in sixth form, really, but the idea had left my mind by the time I had started my masters. Studying was getting a bit tiring and I just wanted to start work. Nearly a year and a half into working, I miss studying like there's a part of me that's disappeared.

My initial plan for doctoral research, way back when, was always to do with comic books. My MA thesis was going to be on comic books, but through my research I discovered feminist utopian fiction, and here we are. I've contacted the academic I'm praying will be my supervisor (the same as my MA at the same university, because they were both incredible) and now we wait. My application and funding forms are all filled in and ready to go. The deadline is the 16th of this month.

This could actually happen. And if it does, my diary is basically rammed until Autumn 2020. If the world still exists then.

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