Things that are making me happy... #2

12:55 pm

Photo by @theglasspassport

Introducing my boyfriend to the wonders of Sherlock. We're about to finish season two AKA the beginning of the end of the show's quality. 

A nostalgic girls night in with my best friends. Prosecco in mugs, old videos of us as teenagers, and face packs that do nothing to your skin.

Decaf coffee not actually tasting that bad.

Becoming a qualified first aider. I keep quashing the achievement but it's definitely something to be proud of (and I now keep dreaming about open fractures).

Crisp winter mornings. But only if I've sufficiently layered up. Otherwise they're shit.

'I'd Be Waiting' by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, 'Hawaiian Air' by Friendly Fires, 'Take Me Home' by Phil Collins, and anything off Paolo Nutini's first album.

Good people achieving the good things that they deserve. My friends are inspiring.

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