Like a rolling stone...

8:31 pm

Photo by @bonniekdesign

The PhD application has been sent in. I got an email from one of my previous tutors in the week stating her interest (!!!) in my proposal and saying that she would be happy to be put down as my potential supervisor. So, that's all sent off now. I know one of my references has been completed and also sent off. One down, one to go.

I'll hear back within four weeks as to whether I've been invited to interview, need to submit more work, or have straight away been offered a place (highly unlikely). How scary. Then I'll have to go through the procedure to apply for funding, which sounds hellish, but there's no way I'm doing this without funding. I don't have £12,000+ to fork out on yet another degree, however much I wish I did.

The wheels are turning, things are happening. More updates to come.

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