The Blurt Foundation's BuddyBox Lite: August 2016

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The Blurt Foundation BuddyBox

If you've not heard of the Blurt Foundation, I'll get you up to speed: they're dedicated to providing support and information for those affected by depression, whether people themselves with depression, or family and friends. They have a site full of articles about depression and anxiety, coping mechanisms, how to speak to people going through these things, and much more. They describe themselves as 'the knowing nod', the one that shows someone is listening and understands what you're saying.

Subscription boxes are at an all-time high right now, and Blurt have their own BuddyBox to throw into the mix. Each month you can have a box sent to yourself or a loved one filled with wonderful self-care goodies. This can be edibles, crafts, and other nice things to keep you calm and feeling just that little bit better. For £21.50 a month you will receive 5+ items, but there is also a cheaper alternative available for £12 containing three full-sized items if you just want a trial or you're on a budget. I decided to give the Lite BuddyBox a go, and you can see below the kind of thing you get inside.

The Blurt Foundation BuddyBox

The box contains multiple postcards. One explains what the box is for, which is important if you're sending the box to someone else, and another gives you all the social media links you need to share the contents of your box with the world. Every month Blurt will pick someone who has shared their box on social media and send them a free one the following month. Above you can also see a postcard (with two people hugging) especially to fill out and leave someone for a stranger to find. Finally we have the 'You're fintastic' postcard which lives on my pinboard, and a sticker sheet which serves as the first item in the box. I've already shared these out among my family. We're sticker fiends.

The Blurt Foundation BuddyBox

The remaining two items I received were this adorable Coconut Water Fibre Face Mask from OH K - a company that specialises in Korean beauty. I used this mask the next day and it was quite the experience! It's a sheet mask, which I have never used before, coated in a very strongly-smelling coconut treatment. You leave it on for 15-20 minutes, which is quite the feat as it slipped down my face and into my mouth far too many times I count. The experience was hilariously fun, however, and I did very much enjoy smelling so much like piña colada. You can see in my first photo an adorable tin mug that was also included, which was oddly just what I was needing in my bedroom for the bedside table. It perfectly fits the theme of the box (the seaside!) and makes me feel a little like a sailor or fisherman when I use it.

All in all this was a really successful trial run for me and the BuddyBox. I'll probably order another one in the future, and maybe for a friend as £11 seems quite reasonable for three lovely gifts! Fingers crossed I get food next time...

M x

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