Library Comic Book & Graphic Novel Haul #2

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This week I actually managed to read/watch some of my library borrowings and return them, freeing my up some more loan space to fill with graphic novels. It's nice having a lovely librarian who will actually stock graphic novels, including ones that aren't over a decade old (Patience was released earlier this year). Here are my three most recent finds, plucked from the shelves and brought into my life.

Adventures of a Japanese Business Man - José Domingo (2013, Nobrow Press)
This is the second graphic novel I've picked up from Nobrow Press (the former being the slightly-confusing Destination X by John Martz, hauled here), and this one also has some stunning cover art. I'd never heard of it before, but Domingo's cartooning and use of panels inside made it nearly impossible to put back down. The title explains the concept pretty well, as the story follows a Japanese businessman leaving work and stumbling across some rather fantastical events. This is probably going to be a quick, but fun read.

Patience - Daniel Clowes (2016, Fantagraphics)
Now, I (shockingly) didn't really get on with Ghost World when I read it a few years ago, but find myself now with another of Daniel Clowes' books in my hands. Patience is described as a 'psychedelic science-fiction love story'. My brain is saying 'what's not to like?'. Hopefully practice will say 'nothing'. I do really like the illustrations in this one.

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth - Chris Ware (2003, Jonathan Cape)
A few summers ago I saw someone give a talk on the worlds of Chris Ware and ever since I've been eager to pick up one of his graphic novels. From what I can grasp, Jimmy Corrigan is one of his most popular, and by glancing at the art I can see that I am probably not going to be let down. There is something about Ware's illustrations style that I find so compelling and almost comforting, like weekend newspaper cartoons with a shinier edge. This is probably the first I will be picking up of these three.

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