An Overly Excessive Colouring Book Collection (feat. gifs!)

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Magic & Musings colouring book collection

This blog post mainly came about due to a sudden brainwave I had lying in bed one night. I was wondering how on earth to show off a colouring book collection without using a simple stream of photos, and here we have it: gifs (pronounced with a hard 'g', thank you). As you may have seen in my previous post on Steph Halligan's Art to Self colouring book, I love colouring. Sitting in bed of an evening, colouring in one of my many colouring books whilst watching something on my laptop is pretty much my definition of a relaxing evening. Here's my collection in its full animated glory:

Jane Austen colouring book

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice: A Colouring Classic - Chellie Carroll, Little Tiger Press
A relatively new addition, received as a gift from my stepmum. Lots of pretty, incredibly detailed, pictures.

Millie Marotta animal kingdom colouring book

Very detailed illustrations of plants and animals for when you're colouring with an attention span.

Creative colouring for grown-ups

The Creative Colouring Book for Grown-Ups - Ana Bjezancevic, Michael O'Mara Books
One of my first adult colouring books, which has since turned into a sort of collage-book.

Cambridge colouring book

The Cambridge Colouring Book - Kath Lees, Two Towers Press
Won at my work's Christmas dinner as part of a highly-competitive Secret Santa. Cambridge landscapes and artifacts from local museums.

Steph Halligan Art to Self colouring book

Art to Self Coloring Book - Steph Halligan, Amazon
 A very, very new addition. Review can be found here!

The bizarre colouring book for adults 2

The Bizarre Coloring Book for Adults 2 - Penny Farthing Graphics
Another Secret Santa gift, this time rightfully given and not stolen! Very bizarre illustrations but a welcome change from pretty pictures.

London colouring book

The London Colouring Book - Julian Mosedale, Buster Books
I can't remember where I received this one, but it has lovely cartoon-ish illustrations of London landmarks.

Creative colouring vintage patterns book

Creative Colouring for Grown-Ups: Vintage Patterns - Hannah Davies, Michael O'Mara Books
A classic adult colouring book.

Mindfulness colouring book art therapy

A tiny weeny colouring book of relaxing illustrations. A good size to pop into your work bag.

Star Wars colouring book

Art thérapie Star Wars - Hachette Livre
A gift from my grandparents after they spent some time in France. Can also be purchased in English, but it's not like the words are the important thing here.

Colour with me colouring book

Colour With Me: A Colouring Book to Share - Cindy Wilde, Felicity French, and Hannah Davies, Buster Books
A colouring book made for sharing. You can colour one page and your friend can colour the other! This is one of my favourites as it has some adorable images, especially the food ones.

If you have any colouring book recommendations, or just some favourites, please let me know as, honestly, I've started hoarding them at this point and it seems rude to stop. Feed the addiction.

M x

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