New Summer Releases for Review: Lindy West, Jessica Valenti, and Rufi Thorpe

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New summer releases for review - Sex Object: A Memoir by Jessica Valenti, Shrill by Lindy West, and From Fang With Love by Rufi Thorpe

*I was fortunate to receive these three books for review from Quercus, Corsair, and Dey Street Books. All comments now and future reviews are and will be my honest opinions.*

Published on May 19th by Quercus

I had never heard of Lindy West until I saw reviews for this book, but the premise has absolutely sold me. I'm really enjoying reading memoirs and non-fiction from women at the moment so this will be read in the next couple of weeks. Lindy was also recently on Woman's Hour speaking about her experiences when an internet troll impersonated her dead father. Really eye-opening and her compassion is inspiring.
'From a painfully shy childhood in which she tried, unsuccessfully, to hide her big body and even bigger opinions; to her public war with stand-up comedians over rape jokes; to her struggle to convince herself, and then the world, that fat people have value; to her accidental activism and never-ending battle royale with Internet trolls, Lindy narrates her life with a blend of humor and pathos that manages to make a trip to the abortion clinic funny and wring tears out of a story about diarrhea.'

Sex Object: A Memoir* - Jessica Valenti
Published on June 7th by Dey Street Books, cover design by Lynn Buckley

Jessica Valenti's writing, including her pieces in the Guardian, is something I've been following for years now so when I saw she had a new release about her own experiences I knew I needed a copy right now. I would recommend the episode of Ctrl Alt Delete podcast where Emma Gannon interviews Jessica, as it is both insightful and hilarious. Her attitude is inspiring. Actually, listen to every episode of the podcast. You have time.
'Sex Object explores the painful, funny, embarrassing, and sometimes illegal moments that shaped Valenti's adolescence and young adulthood in New York City, revealing a much shakier inner life than the confident persona she has cultivated as one of the most recognizable feminists of her generation.'

Dear Fang, With Love* - Rufi Thorpe
Published on June 2nd by Corsair

Out of these three books, this is certainly the one I'm most excited about. It has exceptionally good reviews on Goodreads. Scrolling through, I can't see anything lower than four stars. I haven't heard much about it from the blogging community so I'm thinking it's going to be a quiet hit. Also this is a wonderfully floppy proof copy and I keep finding myself flopping it around just for the fun of it. I am an adult.
'Lucas and Katya were boarding school seniors when, blindingly in love, they decided to have a baby. Seventeen years later, after years of absence, Lucas is a weekend dad, newly involved in his daughter Vera's life. But after Vera suffers a terrifying psychotic break at a high school party, Lucas takes her to Lithuania, his grandmother's homeland, for the summer. [...] Skillfully weaving family mythology and Lithuanian history with a story of mental illness, inheritance, young love, and adventure, Rufi Thorpe has written a wildly accomplished, stunningly emotional book.'
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