A Mini-Tour of Vegan London

11:16 am

Pret a Manger acai breakfast bowl, Loving Earth Mint Dark Chocolate, and Rebel Kitchen Cacao Mylk

Pret a MangerWC1 - Acai Breakfast Bowl (Acai berry puree, bananas, gluten free granola, pomegranate seeds, and grated apple).

Planet OrganicWC1 - Loving Earth Raw Organic Mint Dark Chocolate (made with cacao beans and coconut nectar), Rebel Kitchen Mylk Organic Coconut Milk Drink with Cacao.


For my wonderful mother's birthday, we decided to take a mini-tour of vegan food spots in London. We were hungry. We are always hungry. Maybe not hungry, but we always want to eat, so this was an exciting plan. One so exciting, it sort of overtook our plans to go and see some museums and we ended up walking and eating and eating some more. 

When we discovered our vegan ice-cream hotspot (or should that be coldspot, hur hur) didn't open until midday, we knew some pitstops would need to be made. I was happy to find a Pret a Manger that actually stocked their new (ish) acai breakfast bowls (thank you London), which we devoured and would most definitely eat again. Our tastebuds were woken up and we headed off for some more food.

I know Planet Organic would never let me down (other than being very overpriced) so we headed there next and picked up chocolate and drinks. We were very happy to find vegan chocolate that tasted just like regular chocolate, with my Loving Earth Raw Organic Mint Dark Chocolate tasting EXACTLY like Fry's Peppermint Cream, an old favourite. The Rebel Kitchen Mylk was slightly less amazing (it's still half-full in my fridge) but still tasty. I expected the coconut flavour of the milk to be overpowered by the cacao but, alas, no. We will both definitely be picking up Loving Earth chocolate in the future as it was reasonably priced and just too good.

Yorica vegan ice-cream

Yorica!, W1 - [Left] Cookies and Cream and Blackcurrant ice-cream, [Right] Chocolate and Beetroot ice-cream with mini marshmallows.


We finally made it to one of our actual planned food stops. Yorica! sells vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, everything-free but still ridiculously delicious ice-cream, frozen yoghurt, and in the future will be selling smoothies. Mum chose two flavours (cookies and cream, and blackcurrant) with no toppings, and I chose chocolate and beetroot ice-cream with mini-marshmallows. All vegan, very well-priced, and the staff were incredibly friendly. There was a fantastic range of flavours (moringa, lots of chocolate, a buttery one) and toppings (Oreos, gummy bears, passionfruit). At this point I was feeling a bit full, but onwards to more food.

222 Veggie Vegan buffet lunch

222 Veggie Vegan, W14 - Pesto pasta, broccoli in pumpkin gravy, potatoes and plantain, rice, chickpea and bean curry, and quinoa salad.


222 Veggie Vegan was our final food stop where we finally settled for lunch. Between 12 and 3:30pm they serve food in a buffet style so we were very pleased to be sitting with food within two minutes. There was a lot to choose from, both hot and cold, and for once I actually cleared my plate. Everything was flavorsome, and the broccoli in pumpkin gravy was a fast favourite. Even thinking about it now is making me sad that it isn't right in front of me. I was happy that there wasn't a falafel or hummus in sight because I don't like/can't eat either and they seem such a staple in vegan eateries. Once again, incredibly friendly staff, two thumbs up from us both (four thumbs in total).

I'm hungry.

M x

P.S. We ate baked fries from Leon waiting for the train home. Obviously.

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