March 2016 Films in Review

3:26 pm

From Up on Poppy Hill - One of the more recent Studio Ghibli releases, and very charming. A group of young schoolchildren band together to refurbish their clubhouse and journey to the city in an attempt to save it from demolition. In the background is a story of family, young love, and fate. Really cute and full of the usual Ghibli charm. Although I normally watch with Japanese audio and English subs, this time I watched the American dub and enjoyed the vocal talents of both Gillian Anderson and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Love & Mercy - A biopic of sorts about Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys dealing with his mental illnesses and how they affected his music composition. Told from the perspectives of young Brian at the peak of his career (1960s), and an older Brian (1980s) navigating a new romance and a manipulative relationship with his psychotherapist. Wish it did a better job talking about Brian's auditory hallucinations from a medical perspective but I guess that wasn't really 'the focus'. Elizabeth Banks was probably the highlight of this for me, even though Paul Dano was also fantastic.

Blade Runner - It's Blade Runner. Everyone was good, the atmosphere was impeccable, and I can see why this is a cult classic.

Paris, je t'aime - Eighteen short films, all by different directors, telling unique stories of Paris and those spending time there. A really interesting variety of stories and relationships, my favourites included Wes Craven's journey with a couple around Pere-Lachaise (featuring Oscar Wilde's ghost) and Vincenzo Natali's vampire love story from the eighth arrondissement.

Paddington - A shockingly fun and enjoyable adaptation of my one true love, Paddington Bear. Lots of wonderful British talent and appropriate for all ages. The bear wasn't even that creepy either. Sally Hawkins is the best.

What We Do in the Shadows - One of my new favourite films. A mockumentary about a group of vampires housesharing in New Zealand. I have few words I can use to describe this film. It's painfully hilarious and weirdly heart-warming. I was grinning from ear-to-ear when this was finished; bring on the sequel. Also, Jemaine from from Flight of the Conchords is in it, so if you know that series, you've got an idea of the weird vibe of its humour already.

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