Bright Paper Packages: March 2016

5:00 pm

Some Mexican heat is exactly what I need on this rainy bank holiday weekend. Thank you Bright Paper Packages! (And thank you to the postal service for redelivering parcels when I can't be bothered to walk to the Post Office; you're the real hero here.)

I'm almost too overwhelmed by how good this parcel is.

Clockwise from left to right we've got:

Organic avocado soap from The Soap Shop, unscented because I don't want to smell like avocado. Your ordinary soap really, but I like the reusable packaging.

Hot Stuff Chilli grow-your-own packet, currently sitting in the sun on my windowsill. Concerned about the 'do not overwater' warning as what is too much water?!

Frida Kahlo print from Christine McConnell, not on display yet as I have no idea where to put it. A gorgeously colourful print that actually made me go 'OOOH YES' when I opened it up.

Cinnamon and rose hot chocolate from Jaz & Juls, still not tried but the concept seems absolutely divine.

Cactus ring holder from This Way to the Circus. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute this is? All handmade in her studio, and looking on the website, I pretty much want one of everything.

Sea salt and spray natural wax candle from Heaven Scent, always appreciated. I'm yet to burn this as I have about a thousand other candles on the go, but unburnt it already smells gorgeously fresh.

M x

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