My Journey to Minimalism: Part #3 ('15 for 30' Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge)

6:00 pm

I've already pared down my wardrobe a significant amount recently, but I was inspired by a series of posts Chyna Benzine (AKA WheezyWaiter's wonderful wife and all-round amazing person) has on her Instagram where she's conducting the '15 for 30' challenge. The basis is that you choose fifteen items of clothing you own and alternate only wearing those for thirty days. This '15' excludes underwear, coats (I only really have two I alternate between: one is navy blue and very warm, and the other a trench coat for when it's cooler), accessories (so for me that's hats and scarves), and pyjamas, but does include shoes. Below you can see a photo of the kinds of things I've chosen, plus I've also included a list if it's not clear what everything is.

(As you can see, I don't wear a lot of colour. And when I do, apparently it's green.)

Black and white H&M speckle jumper
Grey H&M cropped jumper
Blue Topshop Leigh Jeans
White starry Converse trainers
Black and white Hollister striped tee
Black and white H&M long sleeve top
Mustard New Look jumper
Green ASOS check shirt
Grey Primark baggy tee
Grey Topshop long sleeve top
Green Topshop jumper
Black ASOS chelsea boots
Dark green H&M cardigan
Black Topshop Leigh Jeans
White ASOS shift dress

So these are the fifteen items of clothing I'm going to be alternating for the next thirty days. I've kept back several pairs of black leggings in my drawer too as it's still only just spring here and I use them (or tights) on the daily for layering. Topshop skinny jeans are not warming. I'm happy with how versatile I can be with these clothes as they'll be suitable for both work and the weekend, as well as providing a good amount of layering depending on the fickle March weather.

M x

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