Reviewing February 2016 Goals

11:30 am

So, this month I didn't listen to my ten new albums (I listened to three), and I didn't find a new recipe for lunch, but I did watch five films I haven't seen before, and I'm really happy with that.

As I said before, my film-watching had gone hugely downhill since finishing university. It was much easier to stick a few films on in a row when you were hanging out with friends. This month I did hit my target of watching five films I haven't seen before, and they were:

Inside Llewyn Davis - Bizarre, dark, yet really enjoyable. Very good music and the tone was spot on. Obviously the costumes were also totally gorgeous.  Oscar Isaac plays the perfect asshole, and Carey Mulligan performs in probably my favourite role of hers yet.

Mad Max: Fury Road - The top of the bunch; I regret leaving it this long to watch it. A film about women, and redemption, and the environment. Charlize forever.

Snervous Tyler Oakley - My least favourite but still not awful. Informative, but not as fun or 'true' as I would have wanted.

Whiplash - Second place, very close to Fury Road. Absolutely unexpected and an amazing piece of filmmaking. JK Simmons is utterly terrifying, and who knew Miles Teller could actually drum?

The Tale of Princess Kaguya - Getting back into my Studio Ghibli watching. A sad yet beautiful tale of a young woman coming-of-age (that's what SG does best) and learning who she really is and what she wants from the world. Really interesting to watch after reading The Tale of Murasaki (similar name, different thing) as it deals with a lot of the same themes in the same historical and cultural context.

M x

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