My Journey to Minimalism: Part #2

12:22 pm

Okay, I feel like this second installment in my journey to minimalism was a long time coming, but things have definitely turned up a notch since my last update. I think I'll start making these updates shorter, but more frequent, as the ideas come into my brain, so expect them to read a little like brain-farts.

Have you heard of The Minimalists? I'm moderately obsessed with them at the moment, and it's truly doing wonders for my productivity, my happiness, and the state of my bedroom. I now have a designated corner for things to live that are waiting to be sold on eBay, heading to the charity shop, or being passed on to a friend or family member (currently awaiting transit: wall art, books, films, extension leads, boots, comics, weights). The Minimalists talk about something similar on the blog with a 'donation box' that sits in your house for everybody to put in things to donate to charity. I'm loving the idea because seeing the pile makes me feel motivated to add even more to it. It amazes me I have so much to get rid of without feeling like I'm throwing away anything special or important. I'm such a book and film fiend, but hell did I find so many of either that I was happy to give away because I had only used it once and don't plan to again, or never used at all and don't plan to. I used to be intent on buying the DVD of all films I've watched, even if I didn't plan on watching it again, simply because I liked having a huge film collection.

I also work in a library so I can now get DVDs out whenever I want and don't have to worry about keeping them around for a long time or excessive clutter. One in, one out, and it also adds to my goal of watching more films in 2016.

M x

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