Bright Paper Packages: December 2015

1:04 pm

Subscription boxes are fun, aren't they? Especially when it's nearing Christmas and you know everything inside is going to be either sparkly or delicious. It had been a while since I got a box like this (by a while I really do mean several years, and I think it was a Glossybox I got last time). Bright Paper Packages is not a beauty box, but rather a box of gifts which can vary wildly from month to month. December's theme was 'Celebrate & Sparkle'; very fitting for Christmas cheer. As you can see above, everything was wrapped up beautifully with string and gold tissue paper. Each item was individually wrapped with wonderful marble-designed stickers and washi tape.

The first item I pulled out of the box and unwrapped was a pair of gold leaf and polymer clay earrings from the company Claudia Made This. Unfortunately I don't wear earrings, but these are stunning and I'll definitely be passing them onto a friend or family member for Christmas. 

The next parcel contained two handcrafted lollies from Holly's Lollies, a company I had actually heard of before after chatting to them on Twitter. I've already scoffed down the Spiced Gingerbread flavour which was ridiculously delicious, and I'll be popping the Cherry Amaretto into my bag for work.

Next contained in a small packages was a star-shaped cookie cutter and a family recipe for Christmas biscuits. I can confirm they are delicious (see photo at the bottom of this post), and I'll be making a second batch ASAP as the first lot went down in less than 24 hours...

To add to the festive cheer was this small parcel containing a porcelain clay bauble with gold lustre from the company Jo Heckett Ceramics. This is such a beautifully made decoration which is totally to my taste; not too fussy and very clean. 

Last but certainly not least were these heart origami straws from Paper Parade. I'm a big fan of paper straws (how much of a fan of straws can you be?) so this was a lovely surprise. I've unpackaged them and popped them in a cup on the side ready to use in festive beverages.

All in all I'm happy with what I received in my first Bright Paper Packages delivery and am looking forward to what's in store for the New Year. I'm really hoping January's box has a 'resolutions/new year new you' theme or something similar as I'm eager for a new scented candle or five...

M x

P.S. This may well be my last post before Christmas, so have a wonderful time, eat as much as you can bear, exchange thoughtful gifts, and STAY CALM.

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