November 2015 Book Haul

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This is potentially one of my biggest monthly book hauls yet, and definitely one of the most exciting. Like last month I'll be dividing it into new books I purchased, ones I bought secondhand, and ones sent to me by the publishers. Maybe there are some Christmas present ideas nestled in here, too.


Blue Lily, Lily Blue - Maggie Stiefvater - The third book in The Raven Cycle and the next one for me to read in preparation for the final installment next year. Despite loving the series so far, I probably won't pick this up any time soon as I'm a bit off of YA at the moment and am looking for a change.

Authority - Jeff VanderMeer - The sequel to Annihilation*, which I read last month (review up soon!) and absolutely adored. It was infinitely creepy, beyond weird, and one of my favourite reads of the year, by far. Excited to see where the story goes and to learn more about the mysteries of this world.

Chinese Whispers: Why Everything You've Heard About China is Wrong - Ben Chu - I am a sucker for non-fiction reads, and this one really caught my eye in my local bookshop. The title says it all really.


The Complete Persepolis - Marjane Satrapi - If you're into graphic novels, you probably would have heard of this one. Satrapi details her childhood living in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution. It's an incredibly popular book in this genre and I know I'm going to find it absolutely fascinating. I've written and researched a fair bit on graphic memoirs in the past, so it will be nice to go back to the medium reading this.

Gilead - Marilynne Robinson - This first cropped up on my radar after the third book in this series, Lila, was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize this year. As far as I can tell, these are all very slow-paced family sagas, told from varying generations.

How I Live Now - Meg Rosoff - Young adult dystopias, ahoy. This isn't one I heard a lot about until the film was released (I still haven't seen it). The synopsis details how Daisy goes to visit family in the tranquil, delightful countryside of England, and the next day a bomb goes off, the world taken over by a new enemy. Mysterious.

The ChrysalidsConsider Her Ways and Others, and Trouble with Lichen - John Wyndham - John Wyndham fest. After loving The Day of the Triffids, I thought I would devour the rest of his books over the next year. Fortunately the secondhand sci-fi section of my local bookshop has a fair amount of his books stacked up, so I immediately grabbed the first ones I could see.

Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides - Confessions: I never finished The Virgin Suicides. I don't know why. I really don't know why. I'm very intruiged by the premise of Middlesex, however. From what I can gather, this book is about an intersex character and takes the form of a family history of sorts. Very high on my TBR list.

Sent for review

The Street* - Bernadine Bishop - I can't find a lot of information about this book, but I was drawn to its description, telling how it describes the everyday actions of a varied group of people, including a soldier with Alzheimer's, an actor, a woman seeking love, and an immortal cat.

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke* - Anne Blankman - This has not been the first time I've requested a book for review, only to find out it's a sequel. Do your research, Megan. I will definitely be picking up the first book in the series, however, as it tells the story of a young women attempting to escape Germany during WWII after sympathising with a Jewish reporter. This proves difficult for multiple reasons, one of them being that her 'uncle' is, in fact, Hitler himself. Ooh, drama.

Hoping that you all had an enjoyable November and got your mitts on some good reads.

M x

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