P-P-P-Pick Up a Podcast #3

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And welcome to my third installment of my podcast recommendation posts! You can find the first and second posts here and here, with some wonderful podcasts I still listen to mentioned, but today's post will be adding to that already sparkling list.

I spend a lot of my time listening to podcasts: getting ready in the morning, sitting on the bus, commuting to work, cooking and cleaning. If ever there's a moment where my full brain power isn't required, I'll be listening to a podcast. There's one for every mood, and my new episodes list is never, ever empty. If anyone is interested, I use Overcast as my podcast app as I find it a lot more user-friendly than the built-in Apple podcast app. If you pay for a one-off membership, you get to create playlists of podcasts, among other things, the best being the 'smart speed' function which removes any pauses from episodes. I think since using it I've saved about 8 hours of listening time, and I've experienced no drop in audio quality either. Time-saving with no sacrifice!

This is not an ad. I just really love Overcast.

Personal Development

The Joy Junkie Show - Amy E. Smith and her Mr talk you through their badass life advice, whether it's telling you how to stand up for yourself without looking like a dick, what you own self-care could look like, or why you're putting things off that you need to do.

Punk Rock Personal Development - Another kick-ass woman telling you how it is. Lots of actionable advice on how to sort your life out in a way that works for you. A bit woo-woo at times, but totally fun and funky fresh.

Magic Lessons - The one and only Elizabeth Gilbert created podcast episodes leading up to the release of her new book, Big Magic (review soon!), interviewing women who feel like they're at odds with their creativity. Honestly, I feel like writing a thousand novels after listening to this.

Tech and Culture

Cortex - If you're a listener of Hello Internet, you know how furiously organised and...let's say unique CGP Grey is. This is a podcast hosted by Myke Hurley, probing the brain of Grey and finding out how he works. It makes me giggle just as much as HI, and I learn a lot about productivity along the way.

D&D is For Nerds - Want to listen to a group of adults struggle to play D&D on a weekly basis? This is for you. Probably the most hilarious of all of the podcasts I listen to, this has had me snorting with pained laughter on the train to work.

Rerun - A new addition for me. Listen to famous people talking about their favourite episode of their favourite TV show. The first episode of Tavi Gevinson talking about Freaks and Geeks. Yes, it's that good.


Death, Sex & Money - Another new one for me, but one that's been on my radar for a while now. Anna Sale presents us with stories about the things that mean the most to us as a society: death, sex, and money.

Lore - A podcast about folklore. There are some fascinatingly creepy episodes here that I would urge anyone with an interest in the supernatural or old tales to listen to. The world is a seemingly inexplicable place. My favourite episode so far has certainly been 'Dinner at the Afterglow'.

Mystery Show - Starlee Kine fell in love with mysteries as a child, and now she will solve your mysteries for you, in the form of a podcast.

First Time - Do you remember where you were when you got your first period? There's a podcast for that.

Now we're all up to speed, share with me in the comments some of your favourite podcasts so I can add even more to my already unmanageable rotation!

M x

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