Current Library Borrowings #1

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Slightly different from my 'On the Library Shelf' series, 'Current Library Borrowings' will track what happens prior to reviewing these books: actually planning to read them. One definite perk of my new job is the huge amount of choice I have of books (and DVDs, and CDs) I can borrow, meaning (hopefully) my book-buying will reduce and save me some pennies. 

I'm big into reading non-fiction, and having access to huge swathes of non-fiction material is something I'm definitely going to make the most of. Whereas I can get fiction books from most libraries, academic libraries naturally get stocked with mainly NF works. With my masters degree over, I'm open to learning new things about absolutely anything, so perusing the library catalogue for subjects that interest me has been a lot of fun.

I first picked up Never Had It So Good after finding it on a reshelving trolley, all alone. Now I've had my eye on this book for several years now, but never picked myself up a copy, so imagine my joy to see it sitting there waiting for me. After watching The Hour during my time at university, I became fascinated with the period of the late 1950s to the mid-1960s. The Suez Canal crisis, riots, The Beatles, James Bond. All fascinating to read about and I can't wait to finally open up this hefty volume and learn as much as I can.

My only other non-fiction picking at the moment is Everyday Sexism, the book inspired by Laura Bates' experience running the site of the same name and the twitter feed @EverydaySexism where people write in about their experiences in the normal world with gender inequality. I know it'll be far from a fun read, but it's something I'm interested in educating myself about as I usually stick to the more positive reads regarding the achievements of women and feminism.

The last book I picked from the library is The Once and Future King by T.H. White. I've been interested in the myths of King Arthur, Merlin, the Lady in the Lake, all of them since as far back as I can remember. When I was a child I frequently got a puzzle book out of the library based on the story of the sword in the stone. I also re-watched my recorded video of The Sword in the Stone more than I could count. Now as an adult I've been researching what people have called the key texts that sum up or adapt these myths, and The Once and Future King was certainly the one that came up the most. This tells the story of King Arthur from his childhood as a squire, training with Merlin, reign as king, Knights of the Round Table, and eventual death. I am so excited to read this enormous tome.

I also picked up a DVD titled The Works of Director Spike Jonze as a quick watch, as I loved Her and the music videos of his that I've seen.

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