11 (ish) Favourite Fictional Characters

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Why do I get the feeling this is going to end up being a multi-part series? Eleven is a lot of favourite characters, but there are a lot of books out there with wonderfully written people living within, good or evil or a complicated combination...

Gone Girl - Amy Dunne.
If you've read the book, you'll know why. If you haven't read the book, read the book.

The entire Harry Potter series, but specifically Order of the Phoenix for the introduction of Luna Lovegood. Luna lived in a world of her own, and never worried that nobody understood what she was talking about. She was clearly happy spending time alone with her thoughts, and was a dedicated, honest, and caring friend when people were in need.

Also Hermione Granger, because it's impossible not to have her as a favourite character. She was one of the first inspiring female characters I read as a youngster, and she's stuck with me until today. She never feared being the smartest or doing what she thought was right, and the boys in her life never posed as a distraction from what was important to her or what she believed in.

The Hunger Games series - Finnick Odair.
Never before has a character gone from loathe to love with as much speed as he did. We're introduced to a cocky, smarmy, sugar cube-eating Finnick during Catching Fire and our first reaction is to hate. He's rude to Katniss and stands for everything she despises. However over the duration of the book our eyes are opened to just whose side he is on, and even into Mockingjay more revelations show us why Finnick is the way he is. He has a heart, he's dedicated, and he knows to do what's right. In the end, he is a close friend to both Katniss and Peeta, and serves as an invaluable ally in their fight against the Capitol.

Never Let Me Go - Tommy.
Specifically child Tommy, and probably because I feel bad for him. He spends his childhood being teased and manipulated by the children at Hailsham because he cannot control his temper. Ishiguro wrote so beautifully about Tommy's ways, he's just stuck with me as such a real, pained character.

Despite all that Max went through in the duration of this book, he still only cared for Liesel's upbringing and her education. He shares stories with her during a time of death and turmoil for all, so there was still light in the life of the small girl he cared for so dearly.

The Raven Boys - Gansey.
He chews on mint leaves, come on.
But really, Gansey is a weird character. However he's written in such a way that it doesn't feel forced or overly caricatured, but like Stiefvater is just writing down the actions and emotions of a person she knows. Gansey's passion for ley lines and the secrets they hold really emanate from the page, and you can't help but feel a fondness for someone who cares about something so much.

Although I probably love all characters from this book because they're adorable. Except Toad. He can just leave.

Not pictured:

Death Note - L.
A manga I really need to reread. L is the 'worlds greatest detective' in this world, lives alone, doesn't wear shoes, and has a penchant for sweet things. His eccentricity balances out his overwhelming intelligence, and when I first read this series I was amazed by the uniqueness of his character. I had never read anything like it.

Rat Queens - Everyone.
Badass female mercenaries who like to drink, swear, and kill things for money.

Cinder - Linh Cinder.
Linh Cinder is a cyborg mechanic (as in, a cyborg who is a mechanic, rather than a mechanic on cyborgs) in this retelling of Cinderella, one foot smaller than the other and on a personal mission to reveal the truth about the Lunar Queen. Anything with a female character working in a scientific or engineering field will win me over every time.

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