Short, But Sweet: Books Under 200 Pages

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I'm a big fan of quick reads, especially to break up the reading of a larger tome, so here are some of my favourite books will fewer than 200 pages, along with a quick summary of what happens in each. I've decided not to include comics or graphic novels, simply because most of those that I read are under 200 pages anyway, so they're always an option for when you need a reading boost.

Children and YA - Looking for something simple, but fun?

Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret - Margaret is a pre-teen, eager to get a bra and start her period, and torn between her mixed religious heritage.

Anything in A Series of Unfortunate Events - The incredibly talented and tragic Baudelaire orphans are pursued by the evil Count Olaf for thirteen books through reptile rooms, mills, carnivals, and more.

The Wind in the Willows - A mole, a badger, and a rat set about to fix the industrialist, capitalist wants of their 'friend', a toad.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy - Looking for a quick adventure?

The Time Machine - An English inventor decides that time is simply a forth dimension and builds a time machine, travelling back to A.D. 802,701 to the world of the Morlocks, who steal said machine.

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories - A collection of fairytale retellings in the horror genre, written with biting feminist twists.

All My Friends Are Superheroes - All of Tom's friends are superheroes. At his wedding, his wife's ex-boyfriend makes Tom invisible to her, and he must salvage their relationship.

The Invisible Man - Griffin is an invisible man. People don't like that.

The Passion of New Eve - Evelyn is a misogynist, and after fleeing to the desert he is taken in by an underground all-female cult to be reborn as 'Eve', and must learn to adjust to life as a female.

Non-Fiction - Looking to learn something new?

The Doors of Perception - Huxley drops a lot of mescaline and writes about what happens.

A Room of One's Own - Woolf's famous feminist essay and what women need in order to become free and creative: a room of one's own.

The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly - The true story of an ex-French Elle editor who becomes fully paralysed after a stroke.


The Importance of Being Earnest - Wilde's comedic play on mistaken identity. Read it, as there is no simple synopsis.

The Crying of Lot 49 - Oedipa Mass goes on a spiraling journey after her ex-boyfriend dies and leaves her as co-executor of his estate. A lot of this book is about the postal service.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Mr. Hyde is roaming the streets of London, killing and destroying. But who is he really?

Les Guérilleres - An all-female society set about recreating language in order to free themselves from the patriarchy.

Herland - Three male travelers come across an all-female world hidden away, where children are created by parthenogenesis, and they're confused by how everybody is so well-adjusted because surely women can't look after themselves without bickering.

The Body in the Library - Miss Marple strikes again. There is a body in a library.

The Wasp Factory - Frank looks back on his childhood and the ritualistic inventions he creates. Death and destruction surrounds him.

On Love/Essays in Love - The process of falling in and out of love, documented.

Mrs Dalloway - Mrs Dalloway is throwing a party. Septimus Smith is shell-shocked after the war. Their feelings intersect during one summer day in London.

What are some of your favourite short reads?
M x

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