A (Very Positive) Long-Overdue Life Update

1:00 pm

Flicking through some old blog posts, I stumbled across one from July last year titled 'Some Saturday Thoughts' and it really struck a chord with me just how much things have changed over the past year, and just how much I enjoyed writing personal posts on my blog in the past. So here we go: a personal post. Hopefully, the first of many.

As I write this, I'm on the verge of handing in my MA dissertation! In my linked post I found hiding in the archives, I hadn't even started the course yet, and I can hardly remember what that feeling was like. I remember being nervous, and I can safely say to past Megan that there is little to be nervous about. My grades have been pleasantly surprising, everything I've studied has been fascinating, my dissertation has been such a joy to work on, and I've made a handful of wonderful friends either through classes or through the people I've met in classes. It'll be a shame to leave such a wonderful establishment after a very quick year, but what a year it's been.

In the past post I was yet to have found a job, and little did I know it would take until January for me to find one, and then I found two! After working at both of those jobs for seven months and eventually quitting in order to search for something more permanent, I'm happy to announce that as of September I will officially be employed in a library. A LIBRARY. Of course as an English graduate I'm working at a library.

Other exciting news is that a paper I've written has been accepted for me to read at a conference later in the year, which is something I've never experienced before, but there we go. New experiences abound! I'm not really one for public speaking but I know it'll be incredibly rewarding once it's over. Hopefully it will also get me in a mindset for deciding whether I definitely want to work towards a PHD in the future (current thoughts: YES).

I'm so happy with the way things have developed in the past year and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes in the future. Maybe books. Probably books.

M x

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