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Uh oh, I knew this would happen as soon as I started requesting eARCs. It began so well, but now I'm overwhelmed with choice and putting myself on a request ban (unless something monumental appears like a new Neil Gaiman, fingers crossed) until I lopped this list down. Here is a selection from my e-TBR shelf that I'm the most excited about reading, and they appear to all have absolutely beautiful covers. Don't judge a book, and all that.

Holy Cow by David Duchovny - Mulder from X-Files wrote a book about a cow. No more details are needed, really.

Piper by John E. Keegan - Piper's mother drowns in her husband's boss's jacuzzi. A cover-up follows.

The Children's Home (January 2016) by Charles Lambert - A group of children arrive at the door of a disfigured heir and his doctor. Mystery and revelations for fans of Shirley Jackson and Neil Gaiman. Creepy creepy creepy.

Roseheart: A Novel by Catherine Dehdashti - Valerie and Naveed are only just getting things together when Naveed's mother arrives along with many a secret. She's disapproving and Valerie must decide whether she wants to submit, or do things her own way.

Old Green World by Walter Basho  - The world is a forest 4000 years after the apocalypse. A new group grows within civilisation, planning to storm the forest and tame it. 

A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz - Fairies v gnomes v tightropers in a YA fantasy about loyalty and friendship. FAIRIES.

What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor - Milo is nine years old and is suffering from a condition that will eventually blind him. When his grandma succumbs to dementia, the grown-ups around him start to conceal the truth.

Everything You and I Could Have Been If We Weren't You and I by Albert Espinosa - 'Can you imagine a future where everyone has given up sleeping?' Enough said.

The Determined Heart (September 2015) by Antoinette May - A historical fiction based on the relationship between Mary and Percy Bysshe Shelley, and how she came to create her Frankenstein.

Days of Awe by Lauren Fox - In one year, Isobel's husband leaves, her daughter grows apart from her, and her best friend dies in a car accident. The year is unraveled in front of us.

Young Babylon (September 2015) by Lu Nei - Set in 1990s China, Lu Xiaolu must adjust to the economic expansion of his country and all that goes along with it.

The Artificial Anatomy of Parks by Kat Gordon - Tallulah is 21, living in a grimy bedsit, when she hears the news of her father's heart attack. A story of estranged family and betrayal.

The Corridor by A. N. Willis - The first installment in new YA sci-fi series. Stel lives in a world where 'the corridor', a portal leading to a Second Earth, is normal. But her people are afraid of the 'Mods' who live on the other side.

Darkhaven by A. F. E. Smith - Ayla reluctantly takes her place on the throne of Darkhaven, and is then accused of murdering her father. Myrren is the only person who believes she didn't do it. 

Stones by Polly Johnson - Coo wishes her alcoholic brother was dead, then her life would be a lot easier. One day she meets a homeless alcoholic on the seafront and the two force a new friendship. 

A Hoarse Half-Human Cheer by X. J. Kennedy - 'In this sinister comedy, the mob blackmails a pedophile priest in order to take over his lucrative charity, The Children’s Crusade. Events follow fast: a car-bombing, a fiery holocaust, an exorcism that ends in terror, a raid on a brothel, a college commencement that turns into a shoot-out, a play-off basketball game in which rival gamblers have bribed both teams.' Wow.

If you've read any of these, let me know what you thought of them, or if you're planning on picking some up soon! 

M x

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