A (Pre-New Job) Day in the Life

1:00 pm

Okay, so reading this through I'm going to just add the disclaimer that on this day (8th September 2015) I was technically still a student. And technically I am just sitting around waiting to start my new job, so this is definitely not a regular day in the life. However, it was a good day with a rather productive morning. It is only now I'm realising just how good at doing nothing I am. You will read the word 'Youtube' in this post far more than is healthy.


7:03 - Snooze my alarm.
7:22 - Read new blog comments on my phone in bed.
7: 35 - Admit I need to get up. Get up.
7:39 - Breakfast. Shredded Wheat. Read the New Statesman's review of Agent Carter as I'm eating and waiting for the kettle to boil. (You see, the day does start off rather productive and cultured. This will change come lunchtime.)
7:50 - Go back to my room with a cup of tea. Start up laptop, check Goodreads and other websites, watch a Minecraft Let's Play as I'm drinking my tea. Pause at 8:05 to play with dogs.
8:31 - Wash face and make bed. Brush teeth and sort out laundry.
8:51 - Get dressed, do hair and makeup whilst listening to the most recent Cortex podcast.
9:12 - Get things ready to go into town.
9:25 - Leave the house to get cash out and catch the bus whilst listening to the most recent Joy Junkie podcast. Do chores in town, pay a cheque into the bank, other such exciting endeavors.
10:30 - Get home and make a cheese roll, along with a cup of tea.
10:56 - Blogging time. Reply to some emails, reply to comments, write two new blog posts, all whilst listening to a Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast.


12:03 - Youtube and general chill. I don't even know what I did here. It was one of those periods where time just seems to pass but you do nothing. Moderate existential crisis.
12:20 - Decide cake is the answer. Eat banana bread, get distracted by dogs again, and do the dishes.
13:01 - More emails, this time concerning new job. Pick up Pure to continue reading.
13:25 - Computer games.
14:25 - Oops, an hour has passed. Read more Pure, answer more emails, format my dissertation, and eat more cake.
15:25 - Make another cup of tea, listen to the window cleaner singing next door, and do a bit of a mini magazine clear-out to feel productive.
15:46 - Read Pure until I've finished (16:06) and try and decide what to read next. I chose Scarlet. A whole load of time-wasting also happened here, and I definitely spent a good twenty of these minutes thinking about Star Wars fan theories.


16:57 - Oh god, stop sitting around and do something.
17:09 - Make dinner.
17:27 - Eat dinner. Salmon and veggie noodles.
17:40 - Contemplate whether I under-cooked the salmon.
17:49 - Look after little sister whilst my stepmum walks the dogs.
18:25 - Have a bubble bath and start reading Scarlet.
19:02- More Youtube and chill. Get into my pyjamas.
19:26 - Decide to go to Tesco in pyjamas disguised as normal clothing. Buy junk food and cheap flowers.
19:45 - Yet again more Youtube (I have a lot of subs to catch up with!) and chill, this time with snacks. Take break to play more computer games.
20:42 -Wash face, make the final cup of tea of the day, watch University Challenge and shake fists at my slow network connection.
21:49 - Tumblr, shh. Also attempt to fan-cast The Raven Boys and give up when there is no-one in the world who can play Ronan.
22:46 - Laptop time in bed.
23:37 - Pass out.

Maybe I'll do another one of these once I've started my new job, then there'll be a good chunk in the day where I'm out of the house being an employed person, and then I'll learn what I actually like to do in my free time!

M x

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