Booktube-A-Thon 2015 Wrap-Up

1:00 pm

Books read: 7
Pages read: 1,624
Challenges completed: 7/7

As you may have seen in my post a few weeks ago, I decided to take part in this month's Booktube-A-Thon, a week-long readathon with several challenges you can choose whether or not to accept. The readathon has now finished and above you can see all of the books I managed to read over the seven days it ran. I'm extremely happy with how well it went, even if some of the books did not meet my expectations, and now I'll run through how much I read on each day.

Monday 3rd - Read all of The Sin Eater's Daughter (320 pages) for the 'book I want to read' challenge, 4 stars. A review for this book will be put in a separate post, but I really enjoyed the world-building of this book and the twists really did surprise me. Definitely going to be picking up the sequel when it's published. Started reading Diary of a Nose for the additional 'read seven books' challenge (60 pages).

Tuesday 4th - Finished Diary of a Nose (remaining 132 pages), 3 stars. A very easy read, interesting information about the craft of making perfume, but nothing really that special on the whole. Read all of Civil War: Captain America for the 'read a book without putting it down' challenge (112 pages), 2 stars. a lot of backstory which is to be expected for a volume that isn't following the main arc. A bit of a disappointment after The Road to Civil War. Started reading Slaughterhouse-Five (99 pages). I was clearly on a roll on this day!

Wednesday 5th - Finished Slaughterhouse-Five for the 'book with a blue cover' challenge (remaining 78 pages), 2 stars. Yet another disappointing read. I can see the merit of this book and how it was massively influential at the time of writing, but I feel like I've read so many works inspired by this that the magic was lost on me. I'm in no way saying it's a bad book, it just wasn't for me. Started reading The Wind in the Willows (79 pages).

Thursday 6th - Finished The Wind in the Willows for the 'book most recently acquired' challenge (remaining 105 pages), 5 stars, a new favourite. This story was sweet, easy to read, and yet held a lot of very grown-up messages on industrialisation and religion. 

Friday 7th - Nothing read.

Saturday 8th - Read all of The Boy Detective Fails for the 'book whose author has the same letter surname as you' challenge (320 pages), 5 stars. Another wonderful read, like if Wes Anderson wrote a mystery novel. Very twee at times, very dark at others, and left me wondering why it had been unread on my shelf for so long. Decided I no longer wanted to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close so swapped for 'someone else's favourite book' challenge to Travels with My Aunt. It's one of my dad's favourite books and I turned down his first choice (Heart of Darkness) because I've read it before.

Sunday 9th - Read all of Travels with My Aunt (319 pages), 4 stars. Hilarious and very enjoyable to start with, but started dragging and losing good character merits towards the end. Definitely a product of its time with a lot of ingrained racism. Booktube-a-thon complete!

Bring on the next readathon because I am so inspired to pick up some more books I wouldn't necessarily pick up first from my shelves.

M x

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