2015 Reader Survey Results!

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A month has passed since I first posted my reader survey, and today is the day to reveal the results. I had so many more responses than I expected, so thank you to everybody that took the time out to give me some really helpful feedback! I've cracked out some good old pie charts to show what I've learned from the results:

What age category do you fall into?

So, the majority of you reading this job fall in the same age category as me, a kind of post-student, twenty-something just getting on with life. Hello! Share the vibes!

Do you prefer long or short posts?

It seems the majority of you, like me, prefer to read a short blog post, so I'll happily keep at what I've been doing concerning that. However there are always cases (round-ups, interviews) that stretch beyond the bounds of a short post, so obviously I'll keep those as is.

Favourite type of post?

My favourite question! I was so excited to find out what sort of posts you like reading, and was very happy to see such positivity towards personal posts. I've tended to avoid personal posts in recent history but it looks like they're going to be making a comeback now I know they're not universally despised. 

Favourite genre?

A super fun question to finish off: what are your favourite genres? I wasn't surprised by the results, with magic realism, young adult, fantasy, and classics surging ahead of all others. Good news for me, as I'm a fan of all of those too!

Next steps:

Based on the comments given at the bottom of the survey, these are the steps I'm going to be taking for the future of Hepburn's Pixie Crop:
  • Integrate more with Twitter community as this has been a common way for people to find my blog.
  • More regular posting, which I've already implemented, posting every other day.
  • Stationary hauls. Because we all love stationary. 
  • More personal posts like the migraine one and how to survive your masters degree. I loved writing those, so I'm happy they stick out as memorable for you lovely lot.
  • Keep at it! <3
Thank you again to everybody who took the time to fill in the survey for me; it's been so, so helpful.

M x

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