July 2015 Reads,Or, One Read-A-Thon and Little Else

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Honestly, July was a bit of a disappointing reading month, despite #CRAMATHON happening. I seemed to find myself too busy to read by the middle of the month, but there are still a few things I'm really happy I picked up. The first two reads of the month, Lillian on Life and The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster were both engaging, with the latter possibly being my favourite book of the year (so far). A review will be up for it soon, possibly along with something else very exciting! Watch this space. You can read my review for Lillian on Life here if you're interested. 

I've written in detail about what I read during the #CRAMATHON here, but to summarise: lots of middle ground ratings, Swamp Thing Volume One was stunning, and I actually forgot to mention a picture book I read in the original post titled Coco and the Little Black Dress. It's only a handful of pages about Coco Chanel's big break, and was a very sweet read.

The only novels I managed other than the two previously mentioned were in the middle of the month. Firstly I read Rebecca Mascull's debut The Visitors which I was hugely anticipating after raving about Song of the Sea Maid back in May. I'll be reviewing her debut soon, but you can read an interview with here I did here to keep you going until then! After that I sped through The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly which was utterly quotable and a real joy, despite the subject matter.

Hoping August has some good books in store, but it's also the month before my dissertation is due in so we'll either get nothing read or everything read as procrastination! I'm feeling oddly calm about the whole endeavor so I'm hoping to get it out of the way early. Fingers crossed.

M x

P.S. I'm already only one book off of my reading challenge for 2015! 

P. P. S. If you haven't already filled in by reader survey, you can do so here.

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