June 2015 Reads

3:19 pm

Another month has passed, and this one has certainly been varied when it comes to reading. I was fortunate to receive Disappear Home, A Glance Backward, The Lost Art of Sinking, One, Everything Everything, and Night on Fire all from publishers on NetGalley. My favourites from this group were certainly the last two, and reviews for them can be found here and here.

My female writers count was very high this month, with ten out of fifteen books read being written by or including pieces written by women: Disappear Home, The Vagenda, The Lost Art of Sinking, The Beautifull Cassandra, One, Captain Marvel Volume 2, How to Be Both, Everything Everything, Radical Self Love, and The Emma Press Anthology of Mildly Erotic Verse. I've previously written about the anthology from The Emma Press, so I will link that here for you to read! 

Stand-out reads for the month are definitely How to Be Both (which I am yet to review but one will be up shortly) and Night on Fire. I was also very certain that I didn't hugely enjoy Disappear Home, giving it only two stars on Goodreads, but I've found myself thinking about its story since finishing it. Maybe that's a sign I should give my rating a rethink.

Onto another wonderful month of reading, hopefully.

M x

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