A June Book Haul

9:00 am

My local secondhand bookshop never, ever lets me down. Just look at these wonderful things I picked up during the week. An uncorrected proof of The Sin Eater's Daughter definitely comes at the top of the list, and this isn't the first time I've found a proof here, which leads me to believe a reviewer or someone who works in publishing lives locally. I'm excited to give this a read as it has so many good reviews from people I follow on Goodreads. I also picked up another Stephen King book to add to my collection of Stephen King novels I haven't read. I've heard amazing things about the Dark Tower series so picking up the first volume, The Gunslinger, seemed like a brilliant idea.  I found this cute little edition of Carrie's War at the bottom of a pile and new it was a children's classic I probably should've read by now.

Now, as you can see here, there are three books evidently from the same series with gorgeous typography and colours. I hadn't ever seen this series of reprints before, but after researching I can tell you the series is called 'Stranger Than...', published in 2007 by Harper Perennial, and contains only non-fiction and autobiographical works. You can see the full list here and it has some very exciting titles on it. I managed to pick up In the Heart of the Sea (the story that inspired Moby Dick), Reading Lolita in Tehran, and The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly. They look so attractive together on my shelf and I'm really looking forward to hunting down a few more from the collection, namely Angela's Ashes and Toast.

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