P-P-P-Pick Up a Podcast #2

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Flashback to last July and you may remember I featured a post on this very blog about some of my favourite podcasts. Well now, dear friends, we're due an update!

Stories About Stuff

99% Invisible - A podcast about design. Each episode tells a story about something that has been designed, whether a piece of tech, a building, the time system, infrastructure, ANYTHING. Some of the latest episodes, for example, have been about a haunted house, a fake army, locks, barbed wire, the calendar, paper money, airport carpeting, and mascots. I don't think I've ever found an episode NOT interesting. Plus Roman Mars has the most soothing voice on the planet.

Invisibilia - A podcast about invisible things. This is hosted by the wonderful Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel and follows a similar vein to Radiolab and other object-story oriented podcasts. I love how they've taken the theme of 'invisible' and found so many equally interesting but so varied things to talk about. Categories, synesthesia, blindness, and thoughts are all topics they've covered in their first season and I cannot wait for them to come back with more.

Two People Chatting

Call Your Girlfriend - A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. You may remember me harping on about this in my previous post, but this really is the best podcast ever EVER if you want to feel like you're chatting with friends. Amina and Ann are the sassiest and most hilarious women you will ever listen to chat about periods, racism, feminism, and Kanye. I've been listening to them since day one and it's been a whole new world.

Hello Internet - A podcast that is basically Call Your Girlfriend, but with two guys talking about Apple products, plane crashes, mountain climbing, coffee, coffee, and coffee. You may know CGP Grey and Brady Haran from their various Youtube exploits and I got into their podcast way too late in the game, but now I genuinely count down the days until a new one gets put up. The episodes are usually about two hours long and, somehow, still not long enough. I cackle on the train listening to them wind each other up.

Film, Internet and Pop Culture

The Canon - A podcast about what films should be in a theoretical cinema 'canon'. Hosted by two film journalists, each week these choose one film, or two films to pit against each other, and decide whether it would deserve to belong in a film 'canon' if such a thing existed.  I admittedly only listen to the episodes of this show that I've watched the film for, or the competition sounds interesting, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It is a lot of fun listening to people pick apart cinematic masterpieces.

The Dinner Party Download - A podcast that is near impossible to describe. This is such a mix of a show, taking the form of a dinner party. Each week they might, among other things, start with an icebreaker joke told by a famous face, discuss news of the week you might not have heard, concoct cocktails based on historical stories, interview actors or musicians about their recent projects, get DJs to create a dinner party mix for you to use. The list goes on really. It's a good listen if you want some fun anecdotes, and every episode they have a good 3-4 high profile guests that are always interesting to hear talk. I would particularly recommend a recent episode that aired featuring Oscar Isaac.

Nerdette Podcast - A podcast about all things nerdy, with a side of feminism. This podcast is for anyone who is a little bit nerdy about anything. And I mean anything. Featuring interviews with exciting people, including Scott McCloud and Margaret Atwood, there's always something to discover and become a new nerd about!

Plumbing the Death Star - A podcast where a bunch of Aussie(?) guys ask ridiculous (but also very decent!) questions about pop culture, like why the hell is Hawkeye in the Avengers? And is Daredevil a better Batman than Batman? It's a lot of fun.


Stuff Mom Never Told You - A podcast about anything a woman could be interested in. This podcast is my new love and I've been binge-listening for a long time now. Cristen and Caroline discuss important issues regarding gender in different parts of society, including obvious examples such as tabloid magazines and social justice warriors, to less obvious topics like women in construction and trophy wives. It's an amazing listen and I always learn something new or find myself looking at things in a different way afterwards.

I hope this gives you a few new things to try out and you fall in love with these podcasts like I have! Please leave any recommendations you have in the comments as I am a complete podcast fiend and will never give up until I've found ALL OF THE GOOD ONES.

M x

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